Bad deals in history

This allowed Cerberus to regain most of the losses they had made in this deal.

10 of the Worst Decisions Ever Made

On the one hand, Regal failed to exploit its newly found size advantage, and on the other, the cinema industry was facing difficulties in United Artists also dropped out of a merger with the group, preventing further expansion. Simmons Bedding Company is likely to be the company with the most private equity sales in history. Simmons was stuck in a revolving door of private equity deals from to , each one piling more debt onto the company.

Employees suffered greatly under the yoke of these private equity firms: in , for instance, after Simmons had stopped contributing to a pension plan as part of a private equity deal, employees lost their retirement funding as the price of the stock plan shares that were meant to fund them tumbled. By contrast, private equity firms made huge profits: Thomas H. Your email address will not be published. Our informational blog provides an overview and analysis of all current tendencies related to business, corporate finance, capital markets, economy and lifestyle subjects.

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Related topics: Advice for Dealmakers Organizational culture risk investment. But that might not even have been the worst trade of the day. Earlier in the day, the Mets acquired Bautista from the Royals, then included him in the Benson trade. Benson would go in his year-plus with the Mets and Bautista would eventually blossom after a trade to the Blue Jays.

The Mets? They finished The Astros had been to the World Series in but were at the All-Star break in when they decided they needed Huff to add some power to the lineup. Huff was a rental and would produce 0. Zobrist was a year-old hitting.

Good deal or bad deal? 5 draft trades that sealed Falcons’ history

The Rays believed in the numbers and Zobrist exceeded even the highest of expectations with an outstanding career. No Fred McGriff?

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That trade with the Braves was a famous one -- Kluber had a 3. Baseball America ranked him Cleveland's No. Ludwick would hit.

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He had 30 home runs, over RBIs last year, he's got a rocket for an arm, you don't know what the hell you're doing! It's not often that a deadline deal enters popular culture folklore, but this one did thanks to "Seinfeld. This is why you don't make intradivision trades. Cone was one of the best starters in the game, having won the Cy Young Award in with the Royals who had traded him to the Blue Jays and he'd finish fourth in Two of the three minor leaguers the Jays acquired never even reached the majors and Cone helped jump-start the Yankees dynasty, re-signing with them as a free agent after the season.

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This was an interesting trade because Arrieta wasn't a prospect who then made good, but a major leaguer with a 5. He immediately turned things around in Chicago and became the Cy Young winner. Strop added more value to the Cubs. Feldman went with the Orioles, who missed the postseason, and he then signed with the Astros as a free agent.

List of Top M&A Deals Gone Bad

It would take five years before the Cubs realized the mistake on this one as Donaldson didn't break out until He had been a supplemental first-round pick in and was catching in Class A when the trade was made. With the A's, he eventually overhauled his swing and a move to third base helped him relax and he became the AL MVP after a trade to the Blue Jays. The injury-prone Harden was great down the stretch with the Cubs in , 1. Brock would earn Louis and make the Hall of Fame. Broglio went for the Cubs over three seasons.

The trade deadline in those days wasn't really like it is now, but if you want to make this the worst deadline trade in Cubs history, that works. Urbina was terrific down the stretch , 1. They gave up a future star for a ring -- although, as with Chapman, Urbina had a couple of touchy moments in the postseason, and it's worth noting Josh Beckett went all the way in the clinching Game 6. Gonzalez was the first overall pick in , but he hit only five home runs in the upper minors in , so at the time his star potential appeared limited.

Indeed, the Rangers would trade him a few years later to the Padres and he became a five-time All-Star. The Rangers were. Lee was an All-Star slugger heading into free agency, so the Rangers gave up the erratic Cordero and a couple of spare parts to get him -- oh, and had the Brewers throw in a Triple-A slugger. Cruz would become the headliner in the deal, and most of Cordero's remaining value came with the Reds, not the Brewers, after leaving as a free agent. Don't give the Rangers full credit here though: They once removed Cruz from their man roster before he finally broke out in , so any team could have claimed him.

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  • The Pirates of this era drafted poorly, developed poorly and boy did they trade poorly. Lofton was veteran center-field insurance for the playoff-bound Cubs, but this trade was mostly about Ramirez for Hill. Ramirez was a young third baseman who had a monster and wasn't eligible for free agency until after Hill was actually a couple of months older than Ramirez. Ramirez would play 1, games in the majors after the trade. Hill would play Schilling certainly had one of the most interesting trade histories of any great player ever.

    The Red Sox dumped him as a prospect, the Orioles traded him to the Astros in a terrible deal, the Astros traded him to the Phillies for Jason Grimsley, the Phillies traded him when he still had many peak seasons left and then the Diamondbacks traded him to the Red Sox and didn't really get anything back. The Phillies actually got some value back although only 9. When the Padres held a fire sale in , the expansion Rockies viewed it as an opportunity to acquire a couple of veteran pitchers. Unfortunately, Hurst and Harris were done as effective major leaguers.

    Ashby won 70 games for the Padres and became a two-time All-Star with them, and Ausmus had a long career as a defensive stalwart behind the plate. Dempster went , albeit with a 5. This was the year Texas blew a four-game lead on the A's with six to play to fall into the wild-card game -- which the Rangers promptly lost to the Orioles. Hendricks wasn't much of a prospect because of his middling velocity, but the control artist has produced Mathews and Blake Stein July 31, McGwire was to become a free agent after the season, so even though he was chasing the single-season home run record -- he would finish with 58 between the A's and Cardinals -- the A's traded him away for three pitchers in what seemed like a reasonable deal at the time.

    More importantly, none of the three pitchers did anything for the A's. Beltran was the big trade chip in , a multitooled center fielder heading into free agency whom the Royals wouldn't be able to sign. So you can argue the Royals received three players for a guy who was going to leave anyway. Still, Buck was the best of the group, a journeyman catcher. When trading a guy like Beltran, you hope to hit the lottery.

    The Royals failed to do that and they would follow with eight more losing seasons in a row. Santana had come out of nowhere to post huge numbers for Class A Inland Empire at the time of the trade, but had just started catching the year before so was considered a player without a position. Blake did help the Dodgers reach the NLCS in and was the team's regular third baseman the next two seasons, but the Indians clearly won the long-term WAR faceoff in this trade.

    No team might have more good deadline deals than the Indians. They got Carlos Carrasco in a deadline deal for Lee. The Jimenez trade wasn't so bad in terms of future value lost, but rates as a disappointing trade. It was the rare time the Indians actually traded prospects -- Pomeranz and White had been first-round picks -- to upgrade the current roster. Jimenez had a 5. Still, Pomeranz and White had a lot of trade value at the time and the Indians didn't cash in as well as they could have.

    The Angels, despite being a big-market team, have a curiously uninteresting trade deadline history, at least if you consider big wins or big losses interesting deadline deals.